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Sources for Grants

Tips and precautions about Grants:


1. Take precautions with any advertisement that claims free money.


2. Don't provide sensitive personal or corporate information without having first done your due diligence, including contacting the BBB and other organizations.


3. Obtaining a grant involves an application process. Calls or letters out of nowhere stating you are a recipient of a grant is a red flag.


4. Grants are provided for specific purposes. Make sure your project fits within the Grant Makers parameters.


5. Before applying anywhere, or paying for any grant information, you should search the federal and state government web sites for information about grants.


Information Related to Grant Funding Scams


Consumer Affairs.


Government grant


Trade Commission.


Better Business Bureau.




Disclaimer: Business Funding Secrets does not endorse any of the following agencies, organizations, foundations, or companies. Business Funding Secrets has not performed any due diligence to determine the legitimacy of any
grant programs. Any person applying for a grant needs to be aware of scams and fees, and perform their own due diligence.


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Sources of Grants (The following list for sources of grants, is only presented as an easy reference by Business Funding Secrets.)


Companies and Organizations with Grant Programs:


Google Grants program helps organizations promote their web sites via advertising on Google for general outreach, fundraising activities, and recruitment of volunteers.


Walmart grants for non-profit organizations.


Aetna Foundation grants for researching new knowledge, improving healthcare, and policies to ensure better healthcare practices.


State Farm safe neighborhoods and education excellence grants.


Grants Alert funding opportunities for schools, districts, and state education agencies.


Oracle Education Foundation non-profit grants.


Science Magazine grants for science, pharmaceutical, & bio-tech.


Neuroscience health grants.


Scenic Byways a grants program providing merit-based funding for byway-related projects.


CVSCaremark nonprofit organizations programs targeting children with disabilities.


Writers - links for writers needing grant funding.


Arts and entertainmentgrants.


Animalshelter grants.


Community grants for teenagers and young people starting programs helping their community.


SmallBusiness Innovation Research.


School Grant Programs

With the economic down turn many school districts are experiencing some financial difficulties. If you know of legitimate grant programs from the private industry, whether it is supplying technology, books, or money please let us know so we can post those school grant programs here.


Hint: If you own a company that makes products that schools could use, you should consider developing a grant
program. This could be a great public relations tool for your company. It never hurts to develop strong relationships with both customers and the public during
economic bad times.



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